This bassoon is in excellent playing condition. The keys do not have any tarnish. It has a few dings but no cracks or significant damage. It was just serviced which included a full key polish, mechanism adjustment, oiling and pad reseating as needed. 

Designed for advanced bassoonists, the Renard Model 260 was patterned after the Fox Professional Model 660. Built from red maple, the 260 can produce the power, depth, great intonation and resonance associated with professional bassoons. Two Professional Bocals: *CTC* R2 bocals; #2 & #3 lengths 
This bassoon plays excellent with very even scale and great projection. It is significantly better than a fox 240 and at a price point much less then a professional level bassoon. It was a one owner with all the original paperwork included with purchase. 

Fox Renard 260 bassoon s/N 57206 (2014) Thick wall High D+E Fresh from servicing



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